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Assembly Model of 4-Cavity Unscrewing Tool with Slides

Design Review Meeting

Completed 4-Cavity Unscrewing Tool with Slides

 Injection Mold for Large Part



We have been designing and building injection molds domestically, in-house, in our Woodland WA shop for nearly 20 years with thousands of molds to our credit, many of which are still in production today. Founded on a culture of continuous improvement and the processes that have resulted, we have grown to become one of the largest injection molding tooling companies in the western US, routinely designing, constructing, testing and delivering 20-30 mold sets each month.

Every tool we build is fully designed and engineered as a full 3D assembly model including all stack-up tolerance requirements right down to the ejector pin lengths using customized Delcam CAD/CAM software. A cross functional team reviews each tool design and collaborates with our engineers to ensure manufacturability and the best possible outcome prior to any steel being cut. This engineering intensive focus on the front-end yields tangible results during manufacturing and testing, avoiding errors and oversights that would otherwise prove costly while providing for extremely quick deliveries.

In addition to our in-house tooling, we have also formed strategic partnerships with key off-shore tooling sources for cost sensitive projects and for tools that are outside the physical constraints of our in-house domestic manufacturing operations. Outsourced tooling is specified and managed by our seasoned engineering team, and the same cross-functional review processes are employed during the design and testing to ensure thorough oversight and predictable outcomes.

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