Prototyping & Product Development

We excel at product development and are honored to be considered key strategic partners by many OEM's, product design & engineering firms, consultants and start-ups. Routinely designing, constructing & testing 20-30 new molds every month, we have the processes and talent to deliver. We remain nimble, flexible and creative and embrace the fast pace and technical challenges inherent in developing ground breaking products. Our staff of engineers, molding technicians and project managers are fully engaged with clients at every step to quickly incorporate part design iterations and collaborate to find solutions. Contact us to discuss how we can partner to make your next project a success.

The Process

The development cycle for injection molded parts can be fairly straight forward or quite complex. But in each case, cosmetic and / or functional prototypes are typically necessary to inform how the design of a part or an assembly will function. It is also common to anticipate that the number of prototyping iterations required will increase in conjunction with increasing part and assembly complexity.

With the rapid advances in additive manufacturing technologies, engineers and designers now have a wider range of prototyping processes at their disposal than ever before, and in many instances, these processes will fully support prototyping requirements for cosmetics and function. However, these processes do not always replicate the final injection molded component in terms of materials, physical properties, surface finishes, and detailed geometry, so it is quite common for prototype injection molding tools to be constructed. Using this approach, designers and engineers can fully prove-out and test parts that are very close, if not identical, to production quality parts thereby mitigating risks and streamlining the transition into production. We can proudly point to many such successful projects collaborating with development companies, OEM's and contract manufacturing firms to meet their prototype & product development goals.


Operating 3 shifts, our tooling operations in Woodland, WA are geared to provide an industry leading combination of speed & quality (we have provided clients with molded parts from new tooling as quickly as one week!) Mold testing & development are performed on dedicated presses within our tool shop, allowing for the production of sample parts in a matter of hours after tool completion, not days. We also encourage our clients to be on-site during molding trials to review samples, make critical decisions and collaborate with our engineers. We strive to be an extension of your technical team, bringing tooling, molding & manufacturing expertise to bear so that changes and challenges are rapidly addressed. 


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