Thin Wall Injection Molding

Typical Thin Injection Molding with 0.043” Wall Section

 Agricultural Container with 0.035” Wall Section

PILLER AIMMCO produces millions of thin walled parts for clients in the agriculture, consumer electronics, medical and automotive industries, and has a long history of success in these competitive markets. We have successfully produced parts with continuous wall sections as thin as 0.010” (0.25 mm), while more commonly, larger thin walled parts are routinely molded with continuous wall sections of 0.035” (0.9 mm).

Thin wall injection molding is a common goal for both molding houses and OEM’s.  Assuming adequate strength can be achieved through part design, thinning the cross section has a number of benefits, primarily less material & faster cycles resulting in lower costs. 

Successfully producing thin parts does present a number of challenges however.  Required molding pressures and temperatures can be quite high, narrowing the process window and dictating the tight control of melt profiles and machine parameters. Thin walled parts also require a much higher degree of tool accuracy and robust construction to prevent core shift or the movement of moving mold elements that are inherently subject to higher fill pressures PILLER AIMMCO understands these nuances and has the knowledge, equipment & processes necessary to successfully produce thin-walled injection moldings.

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