Sporting Goods & Outdoor Recreation

The sporting goods industry is a key market for PILLER AIMMCO with clients producing archery bows and accessories, angling & hunting products, shooting sports and fire arms accessories, backpacking, camping gear and winter sports components and accessories.

Compound Archery Bow Stabilizer               

As consumer goods, the cosmetic requirements for these products are high while production costs must be minimized.  Many applications in this market segment also require secondary finishing steps for branding, and custom colors and effects are common as well in order to achieve product differentiation.  In addition, development cycles are typically short with a priority on speed to market.  Production volumes range from the low thousands to 1/2 million or more, and mechanical assembly including retail packaging is oftentimes desired.

PILLER AIMMCO excels at meeting the needs of clients in this industry with our detailed focus supporting quick development schedules, and our flexible 24/7 integrated production operations reliably delivering parts and assemblies.

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