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Full in-house tooling capability is the keystone of our integrated operations. While some injection molding companies advertise "in-house" tooling, in reality what they have is a CNC or two in the back room with minimal support and the knowledge of one or two employees. In contrast, we routinely design, construct and fully test 20-30 molds every month in our 15,000 sq. ft. Woodland WA shop. Our facility operates three shifts, five days a week, and is staffed by a team 45 dedicated professionals, including nine mechanical & manufacturing engineers, six seasoned tool makers and a host of very diligent craftsmen. 

Major shop equipment includes:

• Four High-Speed 3-Axis Vertical CNC's (Okuma, OKK & Hurco)
• 4-Axis, 40,000 RMP, Vertical CNC (AgieCharmilles Mikron)
• Two Sinker EDM's (AgieCharmilles)
• Wire EDM (AgieCharmilles)
• Manual Turret Drill (Ikeda)
• Five Surface Grinders (Chevalier)
• Pin Grinder (PSCO)
• TIG Welding (Miller)
• Heat Treat Ovens (Davagon)
• Pneumatic Polishing
• Media Blasting
• Inspection Equipment including CMM, 30x Optical Comparator, Manual Mics' & Gauges

All tools produced at PILLER AIMMCO are designed & fully engineered as complete 3D Assembly Models using state-of-the-art Delcam CAD/CAM software, which has been further customized to streamline these tasks, including proprietary tool path software for our high speed CNC's. Our operations are also vertically integrated with little or no outsourcing required other than for specialized heat treating, certain textures or optical quality polishing. Additionally, we maintain consigned inventory of mold bases, further reducing lead times and providing quick turn options. 

Tablet Case Mold and Parts Produced in 3 Weeks

Before any steel is cut, detailed design reviews & check-offs are integral to our process. Clients are engaged at every step along the way starting with a detailed DFM of their part designs, mold flow simulations and full collaboration from our engineering team. With all details engineered, designed and reviewed, work flow through the manufacturing sequences are streamlined resulting in tools being constructed in a matter of days, not weeks.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help with your tooling needs and project deadlines. 

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