Quick Turn Injection Mold Manufacturing

EDM Electrode Machining

CNC Operator Loading Program

Proprietary Shop Scheduling Interface

Engineers Evaluating Parts During Tooling Test

 Tablet Case Mold and Parts Produced in 3 Weeks

At PILLER AIMMCO, we understand the need for speed—our business was built on this principle! Our operations are geared to support clients with tight scheduling demands. Our in-house tool shop operates multiple shifts and features lights-out machining capabilities, all managed through our proprietary real-time scheduling software.

Complete Domestic Tooling Production, Testing & More

Our tooling facility is equipped with dedicated molding presses, so molding trials, sampling, and qualification activities can be performed immediately upon tool completion, outside the constraints of production. Every injection mold manufacturing project is overseen by our lead process engineer, with full collaboration from our technical team. This service is the heart of our value proposition—full integration from tooling through moldingto deliver clients exceptional lead times from part conception through production qualification.

Precision Injection Mold Manufacturing

Most of our quick turn tools start from a consigned stock of mold bases, so time is not lost ordering materials and shipping in components. Working with P20 pre-hardened steel cavities and cores, and incorporating standardized design details where possible, we deliver SPI Class 103 production quality tools, an important point to consider when comparing quick turn offerings from our competitors.

Not only are our molds fully production capable, they are also owned by our clients, including the complete 3D tool design data sets. When the time comes to make critical choices, we do not tie our clients' hands with upcharges when re-ordering additional parts, or when decisions are made to transfer tooling. 

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When it comes to high precision injection mold manufacturing, PILLER AIMMCO is the only name you need to know. Contact us to find out how we can help with your quick turn tooling needs.